Not Making AV An After Thought

officemorph recently completed a build-out and move for Ginger, a company providing mobile access to high-quality coaches, clinicians and counseling content. They couple data science and virtual care to reinvent how the world gets mental health support, helping others receive the support they need without stigma.

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Your Office Needs Art!!!

Recently we had the opportunity to interview Jacquelyn Smith, the founder of Art Concepts. Art Concepts is a full service corporate art consulting firm located in the Bay Area.

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How To Spend Less On Your Office Build

Construction costs for building out office space don’t seem to be going down any time soon. Surging demand, raising material costs, and a shrinking labor pool are all among reasons that we’ve had to get increasingly creative at how to do more with less.

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Who Says Turkey Legs Are Only For Renaissance Fairs?

This month, our hearts go out to all those affected by the California wildfires. We know so many people directly affected by this (including one of our own work family). We lift up and celebrate the brave firefighters and communities that surround us and pledge our donations and support on their behalf.

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