How to Ensure Your Lease Is Bulletproof for Construction

There is nothing worse than having a landlord and tenant execute a lease document only for a big argument to come up afterwards. I’ve been part of deals with poorly written leases that allow for too many grey areas or topics that are simply not addressed. The result is that the landlord-tenant relationship is severed right as it begins.

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Taking The Sting Out of Change Orders

There probably aren’t two words that scares people in construction more than “Change Order”. Many people consider a project a failure if a project has change orders. A true failure is change orders on a project that are unbudgeted, mismanaged, and unexpected.

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Before sending out that RFP…

If you’re finding yourself disappointed and frustrated when the pricing for your upcoming project has bid results ending up all across the board, chances are you could have done a bit more homework before sending out that RFP.

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