Project Spotlight

D20 Capital created a new home in the SOMA district for their new growing business, whose parent company is Doosan. It was imperative to create their new home in a timely manner as it was their first office here in the United States. D20 Capital invests in innovative companies and venture firms that are revolutionizing traditional industries. They moved into a concrete and timber building as part of a turn key lease. D20 Capital wanted to create a warm and welcoming mid-century modern space with new ancillary furniture and height adjustable desks. The first floor, which is an open office workspace, has two phone booths for employees to take calls and work independently when needed while the second floor houses multiple conference rooms.

We partnered with Stone Ink Construction, WBE, One Workplace and Pivot.

2020 Office Trends: Inclusive Design

Some offices are shifting to a more inclusive design that offers strategies for everyone at work to achieve their potential. This includes changes such as: adjusting the workplace environment to be more inviting for autistic workers, fostering tighter knit communities and work culture, and offering locations for rest and rejuvenation to recharge. Read the rest of the article here! 

Helping The Community

This past May our client, PRC, opened a new Integrated Service Center in SOMA with a goal to reduce homelessness. It serves as PRC’s permanent service center and headquarters and will deliver multifaceted interventions to break cycles of poverty, ill-health and homelessness. On this project, we collaborated with San Francisco design firms Gensler and Revel Architecture along with CRI, Tuohy Furniture, CCI, WHM, and Zendesk. Read the full article here!

Life Outside The Office