Project Spotlight:

When Adicet Bio connected with officemorph a few months ago, it was clearly time to expand their workspace.  Conference rooms were always booked and there weren’t any extra desks to support their growing operation.  To support their rapid growth, our team recently led an office expansion effort, keeping costs down while moving staff quickly.

“officemorph did a fantastic job helping us with an expansion project that needed to be completed on an exceptionally tight timeline. They were amazing partners in our efforts and our team is enjoying a space that offers greater opportunity for collaboration.” 

– Carrie Krehlik

Adicet Bio
Senior Vice President and Chief HR Officer

2020 Office Trends:

What does 2020 hold for workplace trends? Homestyle features and flexible layouts are predicted to dominate workplace design in 2020. We’ve been seeing flexible layouts become more popular over the years so this comes as no surprise. We may also start seeing more wood textures, especially from sustainably sourced wood. Check out the rest of the list here! 

Talking Shop With An Electrical Contractor:

Recently we had the opportunity to interview Travis Johnson over at CBF Electric, a full service Union electrical contractor offering comprehensive electrical and low voltage services to all of the Bay Area.

Q) Tell me about the role you play in commercial office tenant improvements?

We partner with general contractors, construction managers, and building management to ensure that the tenant’s power, lighting, and low voltage needs are fulfilled. Most of our work is design-build, so we’re frequently engaged in the pre-construction process to understand the client’s needs and guide them to an efficient design that meets both budget and schedule requirements.

Q) What’s a project you were involved with recently that you’re really proud of?

We recently finished a multi-story 100,000 sq. ft. project in the Financial District with a very condensed construction schedule. From the very beginning it was an ‘all hands on deck’ attitude including everyone from our field and engineering teams to our distribution partners. It was both challenging and rewarding to collaborate with all teams including the GC and tenant to deliver a high-end product on time and on budget.

Q) What part of your job do you love the most?

The people we work with really makes this job enjoyable. We’re fortunate to have an open and collaborative team in the field, office, and with our clients.

Q) Where has technology evolved your side of this business the most over the last 10 years?

We’ve seen and adapted to the need of getting technology out to the field. Everything from PlanGrid to Rhumbix, construction software has allowed us to move the most tedious of tasks to more efficient processes. Surprisingly we’ve found that our field teams are the ones pushing for and demonstrating the value of this technology.

Curious to learn more? Check out their website! 

Welcome 2020!: