Project Spotlight: Easterseals Nor-Cal

officemorph is thrilled to be working with Easterseals again, now known as Easterseals Nor-Cal, on another one of their offices in the Bay Area. Phase 1 of the full floor build out in Walnut Creek is over 90% complete, and Teknion is well underway on their install for the glazing system. The wood ceiling grids, innovative light fixtures and pops of color will truly make this space feel like one of a kind. We are grateful to the vendors we partnered with; including the GC BluelineRDI for furnitureVangard Concept Offices for Teknion products, Rizzo Associates and too many others to name. Thank you to the whole team, we are almost (half way) there!

Talking With An Expert Lighting Designer:

Recently we had the opportunity to interview Tucci Lighting principal Marissa Tucci. Tucci is a lighting firm that focuses on architectural lighting design. They act as a support to the architect and interior designers.

Q. What part of your job do you love the most?

I enjoy the aesthetic aspect and also getting technical. Lighting should help celebrate the architecture. As a lighting designer we help a person navigate through a space and create a sense of emotion.

As the principal of the firm I enjoy growing a team and seeing us come together to create beautiful projects.

Q. What’s a project you were involved with recently that you’re really proud of?

Recently we have been working on a number of custom light fixtures which is really exciting. This year we designed and installed a custom 35 foot tall fixture for a TI space on Pier 5 that transformed the space. On the technical side, developing circadian lighting standards for our residential project in Colorado has been a major highlight. As a team we have become well versed in tunable lighting and we are hoping to keep seeing this technology pop up on more projects.

Q. Where has technology evolved your side of this business the most over the last 10 years?

The tools we have to work with continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Fixtures have become smaller, outputs have increased, and controls are smarter. This allows more opportunities to integrate lighting into the architecture. Knowing how to use sources and controls to our advantage is critical.

Curious to learn more? Check out their website! 

October Is: National Disability Employment Awareness Month

October is Disability Employment Awareness Month! This year’s theme is “The Right Talent, Right Now”. Click here for ideas on how you can support NDEAM.

Happy World Mental Health Day!

World Mental Health Day was October 10th! Here are some easy ways to improve the workplace environment to nurture mental health.

“People spend as much as a third of their lives at work, so it’s important that the work environment contributes to our overall wellbeing, including mental and physical health”

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